100,000 Flags Display

Location: St. Boniface Cathedral Grounds(View Map)
Time: 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM

An all-day Tridiocesan event with Life Culture and ARPA, May 9 on the St. Boniface Cathedral Grounds, that honours through prayers and 100,000 flags, the 100k pre-born children lost to abortion each year in Canada.

Imagine, these flags – half pinkhalf blue – each representing 1 pre-born baby. The numbers are staggering – seeing is believing! Being there to help plant the flags is an experience you will never forget!

We need 2 teams of volunteers:

  • Team 1: arrive 8:00 am – main entrance of the Cathedral.
    This team of 200 will plant the flags. Complete by 10:30 am.
  • Team 2: arrive at 6:00 pm at the main entrance of the Cathedral.
    This team of 100 will take down the flags and box them. Complete by 7:30 pm.

For more information: 204.326.5433 or annabelle@lifeculture.ca

For more information and to register to volunteer, click here!



** Join us for an Ecumenical Prayer Service at 10:30am in the St. Boniface Cathedral.

There will also be a:

  • “Pastor’s Lunch” (everyone welcome) – Cathedral basement –11:30am.

  • “Life” issues Presentation by Susan Penner, Executive Director of Life Culture Canada.

    • Designed for Pastors, but everyone welcome!Cathedral worship space.

    • Registration Suggested.

To register, click here!