For Better and Forever Marriage Prep

October 1, 2013

For Better and Forever, Training for Couples to lead Marriage Preparation in their parishes: In response to several requests, we hope to hold a session to train couples to lead a marriage preparation program in their parish. The program, called "For Better and Forever", is used in a number of other dioceses in Canada and the USA.. It was developed by Fr Robert Ruhnke, CSSR, who will be in Winnipeg this fall to follow up on a session done last year in St Boniface. We have tentatively arranged for him to lead a training session for the couples from the Archdiocese of Winnipeg on Saturday, Nov 2, 2013. For more information about the program check the website
This program is adaptable and could work well both in larger parishes (with several weddings) and in smaller parishes (with few weddings). The training session aims to prepare "mentor couples" who can work with other couples to prepare for the new life ahead of them. Details to follow. In the meantime contact Deacon Ted Wood, Director of Pastoral Services, 204-452-2227 ext 237, email  Click here for a poster

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