Ethical Issues at the End of Life II

December 20, 2016

The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute has released “Ethical Issues at the End of Life II,” the second series of videos for the Catholic Bioethics Moments YouTube channel. “Ethical Issues at the End of Life II” explores four important topics:

  • Organ Donation after Death;
  • Pain Relief at the End of Life;
  • Palliative Care; and
  • Conscience.

Each segment begins with a discussion of the issue followed by definition of terms, relevant Catholic Church Teaching, and sources. These videos will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about end-of-life issues and Catholic Church Teaching about them. Earlier this year, CCBI released its first video series, “Ethical Issues at the End of Life I” which examines Death; Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide; Forgoing Treatment; and the Principle of Double Effect. The French versions of these videos are due to be released in January. To view “Ethical Issues at the End of Life II,” access CCBI’s Catholic Bioethics Moments YouTube channel on the CCBI website:

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