Decolonizing Pastoral Ministry - The Journey after the TRC

June 11, 2015

Decolonizing Pastoral Ministry - Directions in Aboriginal Ministry Program
The Journey after the TRC: Building Right Relations of Respect and Integrity
Monday, Aug. 17-20, 2015 Archdiocese of Vancouver
The conference will allow participants to experience, explore and reflect on their faith life and ritual celebrations of Aboriginal people in the context of “DECOLONIZING PASTORAL MINISTRY —The Journey after the TRC: Building Right Relations of Respect and Integrity. They will explore how their understandings of faith, service, and reconciliation are rooted in their Aboriginal cultural heritage and in their experience of colonization. They will see how that cultural heritage enlightens and informs the way they live their Catholic faith. Interculturation of faith and decolonization are of significant importance for our church and country at the present time, particularly, as we continue to dialogue with theologians to find theological language to identify the seeds of faith that are already present in the cultures of Canadian Aboriginal peoples and their rituals. This dialogue will allow participants to develop a strong theology of interculturation of faith and to further explore a variety of subjects that are directly related to the, ministry, and spirituality of forgiveness and reconciliation, especially in the context of the TRC. Click here for a poster. Click here for conference details and registration information.

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