Reflection and Catechesis on the Family

January 5, 2015

Parish and family resources for reflection and catechesis on the family: The 8th World Meeting of Families (WMF) will take place in Philadelphia, September 22-27, 2015 with Pope Francis in attendance. The event provides an opportunity for the whole church to reflect on the place of the family in the life of the church and the world. Some helpful resources have been prepared by WMF organizers for parishes and families for reflection and catechesis on the family. Available on WMF website,Click here1) Parish Resource Kit. Click here2) A preparatory catechesis entitled Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive, available at Stephanchew’s in Winnipeg (204 943-7779) or by  mail order from Broughton’s 3) Lesson Plans for children and youth. Click here.  and Click here4) Activities and resources for families (see website, click on “Spirituality Centre”)

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