Marriage Tribunal


An Annulment is a declaration by a competent Tribunal of the Church that the "marriage" never validly (ie. canonically) existed. The declaration is a formal recognition that an element essential to marriage was missing, and, therefore the union, as a canonical Church marriage, never existed.

The Church has a variety of literature available on this subject:

  1. A Process for Healing : Questions and Answers on Annulments
  2. Due Process of Annulment
  3. Annulment: Autopsy of a Marriage by Diane C. Perrone
  4. The Annulment Process and Pastoral Care by Terence P. Curley
  5. Why the Church is Granting More Annulments by St. Anthony Messenger Press

For copyright reasons, only the first two documents are available here. If you would like to obtain any of the other literature, or would like to speak to someone about an annulment, please contact:

Marriage Tribunal
Catholic Centre
Archdiocese of Winnipeg
1495 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2C6

phone: (204) 452-2227
fax: (204) 475-4409

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