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  • Easter Sunday and a Ray of Hope:

    Posted on April 3, 2018

    This Easter at St. Mary’s Cathedral saw great crowds of worshippers. But there was also a small group of visitors from the First Nations community who came to express their sorrow that Pope Francis was not coming to Canada to meet indigenous people and hear  their stories about residential schools and hopefully to offer apologies, regrets and sorrow for the tragic experience that many residential school survivors experienced in the schools. I had a chance to meet with one of the leaders on Saturday evening after the Easter Vigil and I explained that the Holy Father has not ruled out coming to Canada but he felt that he could not personally respond to Call to Action #58 as it called for the Pope to come to Canada immediately. At the opportune time and if the conditions are favourable, he will consider coming to Canada and a meeting with indigenous people would be a top priority so as to listen to their concerns. This sharing of information helped to change the Easter morning event into a public example of reconciliation. A small group came to the altar and a short statement was shared by Geraldine (Gramma) Shingoose and Vivian Ketchum regarding residential schools, a drum song was performed and gifts were exchanged. The congregation very much appreciated the visit.
    Photos by Vivian Ketchum and  Billy Jo Shingoose.

    Myself with Gramma Shingoose.

    Drummers waiting to come into the sanctuary.

    Gramma Shingoose speaks to the congregation.

    Waiting outside the doors of the Cathedral.

    Large crowd attends the Easter morning Masses.

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