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As I begin my ministry as your new Archbishop, I very much look forward to discovering our Archdiocese while serving the People of God here and I invite all those who are interested in learning a little about the beautiful variety of Christian life within our local church to join me. After all, we do share in the same communion of Faith together and this Blog is a simple way to briefly come to know some of the places and events that come my way while moving about our Archdiocese and beyond.

Due to our busy lives, most people in our community, are familiar to one degree or another with their local parish, Catholic school or a particular ministry of service, and do not always have the opportunity of experiencing our wider local church community. There is, in fact, much variety and faith-activity happening throughout the year. I realize of course, that it is not always easy to keep a blog such as this totally up to date - others have tried and have had to give up - however, I will give it a good shot and I ask for your patience if it lags behind from time to time and if it becomes a little too much you will be the first to know!

I am encouraged knowing that the Lord always travels with us even though he may at times say to us: Quo Vadis?

God Bless,
Richard Gagnon

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